The Foundation


The Toy Museum of Catalonia Foundation was created in 1997 with the firm intention of becoming a leading service to the community. The activities organised guarantee the fulfilment of our commitment to promoting culture, knowledge and education.

According to the museum register of the Regional Government in Catalonia, the Toy Museum of Catalonia is the only privately-run cultural institution in the Girona region. The Board of Trustees is formed by a president, a vice president, a secretary and two types of patrons. The lifelong foundation patrons are: the territorial director of the Department of Culture at the Regional Government of Catalonia, the president of the Girona Provincial Government, the president of the Empordà Regional Council and the mayor and Councillor for Culture of Figueres Town Council. The Board also comprises other members with distinguished professional careers.

The Foundation is registered with number 1,193 in the Foundations Register of the Regional Government of Catalonia.


The Toy Museum of Catalonia Foundation seeks to stimulate, encourage, promote and defend recreational culture, including its scientific and technical aspects, by gathering objects and aspects related to this field; organising activities such as exhibitions, seminars and symposiums; and publishing documents such as catalogues and posters.


The Museum seeks to become the most important international reference in the field of recreational culture, childhood, education and leisure.

Aims and values

  • Offer the community our welcome and commitment.

  • Stimulate social cohesion by cooperating with social and cultural associations.

  • Support the mainstreaming of culture and knowledge.

  • Promote historical memory.

  • Create experiences to stimulate the creativity of adults and children.

  • Support new technologies and innovation.

  • Boost civic participation and implication in the Museum and its work.

  • Work to maintain academic rigour and excellence.

  • Promote critical, inclusive education.

  • Respond to the needs of all types of visitors