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A toy that reproduces the layout of Catalan kitchens from the early 20th century, made of similar materials to the original kitchens, and with small-scale earthenware pots and pans, just like those used at the time.

In 2001, Ferran Adrià said of this kitchen that: "As incredible as it may seem, as a boy I didn't like and had no interest in cooking. It's highly likely though that, without knowing it, I played with kitchens as magical as these in my dreams and that's probably where my imagination comes from".








Registration number: 105945

Made by: Unknown, Catalunya

Title: Kitchen

Date: 1920

Material/Technique: Carved and painted wood, lathed wood, pottery, iron, esparto grass and metal

Measurements: 97 x 70 x 21 cm

Source: Donació d’Elisa i de Francisca Jaurés Maños





Jocs & joguets. Museu del joguet de Catalunya. Triangle postals, Figueres, 1998.