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Dominus Vobiscum is a Latin term that means “May the Lord be with you”. It is used as a salutation or blessing in Catholic ceremonies and liturgies.

This area will be a shock to younger visitors, as they will be surprised to find toys that are replicas of furniture, robes and items used in religious worship. Tiny churches, altars, confessionals, processions or priests’ robes demonstrate how Catholic Mass and devotional practice played a huge part in daily life. When the Republic was proclaimed in 1931, this type of game disappeared, although it reappeared during the first part of Franco’s dictatorship.

Among the most interesting pieces, we find a cope that dates from 1910 that was used by Carles Fages de Climent – a poet from the Empordà region. Copes were used when delivering the viaticum or the last rites to the sick.

The “Processó del Corpus de Barcelona” (The Barcelona Corpus Procession) is also surprising. Dating back to 1900 and made of lead, it was produced by Víctor Lleonart.


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