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The thought of travelling to space has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Jules Verne imagined a voyage to the moon way back in 1860, and the popular reporter Tintin made it there in 1954. From 1950 onwards, advances in science and technology, the space exploration being carried out by the Soviet Union and the United States, and the audiovisual industry’s taste for science fiction led to the world of outer space being reflected in the toy sector. In addition to this, the generalised use of plastic reduced the costs involved in making toys and made it possible for them to resemble the vehicles that had travelled in space.

In this section, visitors will find astronauts, spaceships, rockets, robots and imaginary vehicles such as flying saucers or space scooters. The highlight is the robot kit manufactured by Lemssa of Barcelona in 1965, of which there is a replica on the Museum’s current façade. You will also find a reproduction of the robot called Maria, a character in the film “Metropolis” made by Fritz Lang in 1927, on display in the entrance stairway.


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