Toys and games are the unquestionable stars of the show at the Toy Museum of Catalonia. It is a place that invites visitors to have lots of fun while they discover and experience new things. The Museum shop is located on the first floor of the building, and can be accessed without an entrance ticket. The toys and games sold are similar to those on display in the exhibition: they deliberately avoid electronic gadgets, modern devices and the popular commercial novelties publicised in the media.

Instead, visitors will find a selection of contemporary toys with a classic, traditional design, some of which take their inspiration from the art world; others that are made using basic materials such as wood, tin, paper or cardboard; all sorts of pastimes that range from the most simple to the most complex; along with items that are conceived, designed and produced in Catalonia, along with some international brands.

If you would like to have a taste of the Museum, please visit the virtual shop on our website.  Click the following link and let yourself be swept away by the magic!