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Toy Stories. Enric Bardera reinterprets some of the Museum’s toys







As part of the celebrations to mark its 35th anniversary, the Toy Museum of Catalonia presents this original exhibition by Enric Bardera, who offers a new vision of some of the toys housed here.

For Bardera, toys are a point of reference for creating stories. Every piece in this exhibition is his reinterpretation of items in the Museum’s collection, based on fictional stories he has created himself. The creative process has resembled play, as every play scenario follows a plot that can vary for a number of personal or external reasons; toys can even be included in stories for which they were not originally created. In each case, a toy or a group of toys has been included in the imaginary tale of either something that has happened to them or to their owners. This leads to the creation of highly evocative stories that visitors will need to continue in their imagination.


Activity for: General

Type of activity: Exhibition

10th November 2017 – 7th January 2018
Opening hours of the Museum
Open Room
Language: Catalan
There will be activities related to the exhibition. Limited places. Register at the Museum or call 972 504 585.
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